Error cloning to micro sd card

Hello guys.
I just purchased a standard version of the software, but I’m having trouble cloning my partition to the micro sd.
When I tried the first time he is stuck for a long time with the message “Archiving Data” and ends with an error with the message “Restore Error: WIM-based restore device to device failed integrity check. Please check disk and try again try block-based cloning, or save image then restore”.
I tried to perform the process with the “Block-Based” option and the cloning finishes successfully, but when I try to boot the micro sd of the error with the following message “Error loading operating system”.

Could someone give me a light on this problem?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I have not seen any successes with running Windows from the microSD card. I suspect that Mac hardware and windows does not support that config. You can get a refund here: