Error Message - macOS cannot be installed

Hi - I have been using MDS successfully without issues for the last several months. Love it. But now I am getting a weird error message from upgrading the OS from High Sierra to Mojave.

“macOS could not be installed on your computer. An error occurred while loading the installer resources. Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again”

I searched the knowledge base here, but do not seeing anything pertaining to this. I will even make sure the Hard drive is formatted to APFS.

What am I doing wrong? I haven’t changed anything.

Check to make sure the recovery partition is not older than 10.10 or newer than then OS you are trying to update to. Run the sw_vers command in Terminal in Recovery to see the version.


Tim - thank you for your time. This is problem for all my Macs. I am upgrading from High Sierra to Mojave. I ran the sw_command in Terminal and it tells me what I already know. That it’s 10.13.6. I am trying to upgrade to 10.14.5

Any other suggestions?

On one of them, try opening up Disk Utility in the recovery and completely deleting the volume and make a new HFS+ volume instead. Then see if it installs. I am considering changing MDS to always start with an HFS+ volume since that seems to be universally accepted by the installer.



I did find the root cause of this problem. If I install the MDS program on another Mac and create my workflows on the new Mac it works fine.

But on my “bad Mac” it does not. I used the Uninstaller that comes with MDS and nuked all plists associated to MDS on my “bad mac”. Issue persists, BUT if I install MDS on a fresh Mac and create works flows. Then proceed with wiping the hard drive and installed Mojave. Works without issue.

Does that make any sense? Thanks again.

Make sense but not sure why it would be any different. Did you use a different macOS installer?

Nope, same installer. So something must’ve got corrupted on my machine.