Error message when trying too change start up disk

I have tried to restore a winclone image from my MacBook Pro to my new MacBook. It says that the restore was successful however when trying to set the start up disk to bootcamp, in system preferences, I get an error message The bless tool was unable to set the current boot disk. When holding down the option key when booting I get the windows logo and then a message of a problem booting the pc. The computer then restarts back into the Mac side. I have changed to EFI boot and turned off system integrity. The option to perform first aid under disk utility on the bootcamp partition is dimmed so that is not possible, Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Regards Janine

That error message usually means it is expecting EFI when set to legacy, or visa-versa. For a MacBook, it should definitely be EFI booting. The rebooting issue when going into Windows is most likely driver related. You can try injecting the Boot Camp drivers for that model into the Winclone image: