Error mounting EFI on external disk

Hey I recently purchased Winclone to move a Boot Camp Partition on my internal drive to my external Samsung Evo 860. I am using a 2019 MacBook Pro with 4 Thunderbolt Ports.
Since Winclone wouldn’t let me use the Volume to Volume Cloning (Block Size Mismatch) I created a restore image of my BootCamp partition.
While using the Restore Image feature and selecting the external SSD as the Target I get:
Error mounting EFI on disk /dev/disk2
I made sure that there is no antivirus blocking the mount and I can mount all of my disks using the terminal.

Alright I got past this first issue by Deleting all Volumes on the External Drive on a windows machine and then Erasing and creating new ones on MacOS. So far so good I can now start booting into EFI and I see the Windows Logo for a little bit. Then I get an Error with windows Saying I need to repair using a USB Drive etc. If I press enter to try again I get INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. So I followed this guide to inject the Drivers from BootCamp Manually:
But it didn’t resolve that error.

Windows doesn’t boot on all hardware combinations. It might be this issue so worth a try:

The Solution from this Thread fixed my issues and my external Windows Partition is now working. I followed the registry fix and made a new Image and cloned it to the external drive. I hope Winclone is able to fix this on its own in the future.
For anyone wondering. Yes by cloning your Bootcamp partition instead of using something like win2usb you are able to boot from an external ssd while still using the Full Security Boot Setting that the T2 Chip enables.