Error mounting volumes to disk


First time using MDS this week. I have a fairly simple workflow set up:

  • reformat the disk
  • install OS Catalina
  • connect to wifi
  • set up an admin user

Wanted to test a super basic workflow before getting into installing a bunch of packages / applications.

Imagr opens up, I’m able to select and start the workflow from the dropdown. A few seconds later is gives the error,

Error Mounting all volumes on disk. Restart and try again.

with the options to “reload workflows” or “choose startup disk”

I’ve run through this cycle several times just to be sure it wasn’t a one time glitch.
The second or third time through I saved the log.

Target computer currently is a MacBook air (13inch, 2017, intel i5)

Any pointers?

Are you booted into recovery when you ran the workflow?


Yes, booted into recovery mode on the target macbook air.


I believe the issue was with the target harddrive, not MDS related. After looking more at what Terminal was telling me, I used disk utility to erase the (extra) volume that was failing to mount. After that, /volumes/mds/run started right up. Thanks!

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