Error on one pkg in startosinstall

I just saw that the installation of a pkg fails to run imagr on the startosinstall command. The pkg is valid and when I install it through the terminal I get no error.
Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 21.35.42

How can I debug this?

Are you on 2.0.1? That had an issue with repackaging. Try the current 2.1 beta and see if it resolves the issue.


With 2.2 it’s solved. However, he asks me to repackage the pkg.

I am running MDS 2.2 and I have some applications like AdobeCC and Chrome that continue to fail. Is there a place we can upload the log file to get some help understanding?

sure. if you have paid support, send it to If not, you can find help on the #Macadmins slack in the #twocanoes-mds channel.

Also, you can file a bug with the log here: