Error on restore - Windows partition could not be mounted Read/Write

Because of a damaged NTFS that could not be corrected, I needed to restore the BootCamp partition from an earlier block based clone. At the end of the restore, I got the error below:restore%20error|690x431
Before proceeding with the “Mount the Windows partition…” suggestion, I just tried to boot into Windows and it seemed to boot normally. I’m happy that it’s booting, but just wonder if there might be any lurking problems that I don’t see at the moment. I’m running Winclone 7.3.4, Mojave 10.14.6 on a 3 year old MacbookPro.

The operation that mounts the volume is to copy the boot files, so if it got to that point, all the data has been restored successfully.


Thanks. I had a followup dumb question. If the operation that mounts the volume to copy the boot files fails, how is Windows able to boot? Wasn’t the partition cleared out at the start of the restore?

After the data is restored, Winclone mounts the EFI partition and potentially the restored boot camp partition to copy the boot files. Normally the BCD is copied. If that fails, it would not normally boot (unless you are restoring onto the same partition). If you can boot after that error, that means the boot files didn’t need to be updated.

Make sense?


Thanks. It does make sense. The restore was going into the same partition (it was needed to recover from a badly messed up NTFS). There should have been nothing wrong with the EFI partition, so the BCD there should not have needed any update. The restored boot camp partition came from a “clean” image backup, and should also not have needed any update.

The only question I’m left with is why Winclone couldn’t mount the EFI partition?

I believe that Winclone couldn’t mount the Windows partition. Winclone only mounts it if it things it needs to legacy boot and needs to update the BCD on the partition. In this case, it failed but that was OK since it was EFI booting. And since the files on the EFI partition was fine, it booted.