Error when attempting Volume to Volume Cloning

I am attempting to do a volume to volume clone using Winclone 8. I have an iMac Pro (2017) running Catalina. All the latest Mac OS updated have been applied. I have a 120 Gb Bootcamp partition running Windows 10. My destination drive is a 160 Gb USB drive formatted on Windows 10 with NTFS format having a block size of 4096 Bytes. When I attempt to do a volume to volume clone, an error message pops up stating that the source and destination have different physical block sizes. However, my destination drive is formatted NTSF just like the Bootcamp partition. Both have a block size of 4096 Bytes. What am I missing?

save an image of the boot camp partition and then restore it. It will sidestep the blocks ize issue.

To find out more about it, here is an article: