Error when just installing packages

I am trying to install packages on a fresh install of OS Mojave 10.14.4. The setup is this. We are ordering a bunch of MacBook Pro computers and instead of installing the OS and the packages which works great, it should be quicker to just install the packages we need. I have gotten all the packages to install if I install them “On First Boot” The issue comes when I try install "When Running Workflow. When trying to install Office 365 and Malwarebytes, I get a message that it could not be installed and the log says, No handlers could be found for logger “Imagr”

The reason for not on first book is that we are having a 3rd party do this for us and we are also using AirWatch and the 3rd party does not have access to our Airwach server.

The workflow would be like this, the 3rd party gets the Macs, runs MDS with packages only and they ship them to us. We then run the Airwatch setup at our location and don’t have the time to have the packages install once we get them.



It is most likely either because the packages are assuming you are installing on ‘/’, or require that you be booted into the macOS version. Can you have the integrator run as first boot, then shut the mac down?


Most of the time it is not a big issue. The issue I have is that we have ordered 1600 Macs and those machines are in Airwatch. We are having a 3rd party installing these apps and the workflow we are using we cannot create
a user before hand.

Right now they are going to reimage the machines with DeployStudio, but thought it would be quicker to MDS to just install the apps.