Error when running from USB

I get this error when trying out MDS.
I built a bootable flash drive. Used MDS to setup the deploy folder on the the flash drive.
What am I doing wrong?

Turns out that when you boot from the install drive, the macOS installer partition is mounted as /Volumes/Image Install rather than the name of the drive. To fix this:

  1. Plug back into the Mac running MDS and rename the external volume “Image Install”
  2. Using MDS, save the resources again to the external volume.
  3. Insert back into the Mac in the recovery partition and run the workflow by typing in Terminal:

/Volumes/Image\ Install/run


I must be doing something wrong. I boot to USB. I used MDS to create the bootable USB drive. Then I use /Volumes/Image\ Install/run and get the same error, but with file:///Volumes/Image%20Install in the path.

We do not have recovery partitions on the macs. Have to boot from USB with Mojave 14.4 installer app.

I believe your solution is here, and in the updated docs:

@mike.henderson Did that answer your question? Did you get it working?


I so get a little farther now.

I get following in the attached screen shot.

I believe this is resolved in a more recent version of MDS. Please update to 1.6 or later and see if that resolves your issue.


Now I get the folder with ?. There is no startup disk to choose after the workflow runs. The workflow is running but after the reboot, it does not continue.

What version of macOS are you installing? What kind of Mac hardware?


Mojave 10.14.4, Mid 2012 and mid 2013 13" macbooks.

MDS 1.7 and later have better detection of configuration. Download here:


Using MDT 1.6…

I had similar problems with USB but I was able to reliably slay them on several different Macs (desktops, laptops,etc.) of various vintage by:

  • Partitioning the MDS USB into two separate volumes - one with just the bootable installer, in my case 10.13.6 “install High Sierra” and the other called “MDSAssets” - note the lack of space in the volume name, that was very much on purpose.

My workflows are all in the MDSAssets volume, and it works like a charm - I just open the Terminal, type /Volumes/MDSassets/run and Imagr opens right up and I can select from multiple workflows that I wrote into the MDSAssets volume from the MDT tool.

Hope that helps.

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