Error when starting Windows

Just cloned my old Windows partion (Macbook) to a new partion on my Macbook Air and during startup i Get this - see picture

Any ideas on solving this?

Regardes, Jens

Hi jive4life

I had the same problem and managed to get the system running … but I can’t remember now which of the two following methods worked. Here are the two possible options I used.

  1. Boot windows in “safe Mode”
  2. Make and use a USB EFI bootable version of windows 10

Don’t give up …

Hi James,
Thanks for the reply and suggestions to handle the startup issue I have.

Solution 1: I did what the suggested on the video and and managed to get into the menu with the 3 “safe mode” startup options, but no luck - I ended up with the same screen I posted.

Solution 2: Due to the fact that Im stuck prior to the the windows startup in bootcamp - how do I get the startup tool activated?

Im a Mac person so Windows is not my strongest side :slight_smile:

Brgds, Jens

This can be solved by injecting the correct AppleSSD driver: