Errors after updating MDS

I’ve been using MDS successfully for several months now and just recently went and added some new workflows to the application and then updated my USB drive with the changes and started getting errors. Thinking I might have futzed something, I went through and wiped my USB drive and verified all my workflows and then created a new USB drive and I am still getting the errors in the image I have attached. Has anyone else experienced or seen this issue? Thanks ahead of time for the assistance!

It looks like one of your scripts included “sudo” which isn’t needed in recovery. Is this error in recovery when running the workflow?


Yes, this error is in recovery when running the workflow. Since you mentioned sudo I think I know where the problem lies, but makes me wonder why everything worked previously but after my update stopped working. Thanks for letting know where my issue appears to be stemming from!

*** Update ***

So I removed sudo from that script and I am still getting the same errors. I am going to remove that script all together and then rebuild my MDS stick and try again tomorrow.

*** Update #2 ***
Just to be safe I removed all the scripts from my scripts folder and ran MDS and everything is working. I’ll look at the scripts when I have some time to see what’s causing the issue.

You can also share the script and I can take a look at it.