[Feature Request] provide support for / scripts to create recovery partition and interactive LDAP/AD Bind

Hi there guys - great job with this tool. this looks like a sorely needed replacement for anyone trying to replace legacy tools (especially deploystudio) in combination with other MDM tools.

There are a few key things I would love to have in MDT.

  • The ability to create a Recovery partition as part of the installation process. I thought this was native OS installer functionality - perhaps I was incorrect. I love that we’re building a fresh OS on a drive the way Apple intends it - but it is a bummer to be missing the recovery partition on the system as a result of that process.
  • Some way to provide bind details for joining a directory. Often the one thing I really need to do before enrolling a system into Apple Profile Manager or JAMF is to get it bound to AD or LDAP. I know those systems can do AD binding as well, but IMO I have never really loved the way those systems manage that with config profiles. If you could provide a way to get directory binding built into the MDT that would be amazing. The key would be to provide fields for the usual variables - the domain, the OU where you want the system to land in, and the account credentials you’re using to bind the system to the directory.

Keep up the excellent work and thank you!!

Thanks for posting! The installer should create the recovery partition so that one should be taken care of. We’ll be adding in binding in an update. The best place to post features or issues is here: