Feature Request: restore from image made with Windows native system image tool

Hi there,

As far as I can tell, Winclone does not support restoring from an image that was made using the native windows 7+ system image creation tool. Is that correct?

I would urge you to add support for this if possible. I didn’t realize that you can’t use native Windows tools to restore such an image to a Mac, and I didn’t figure this out until now when I am in a pickle. Then I searched the web and found out about Winclone, but at this point it is too late for me to make an image with Winclone. From what I can see on the web I am far from the only person in this boat. If Winclone could have helped me out in my situation, you would have another very happy customer right now!

Thanks for your consideration!


Thanks for the suggestion!

Hello! what is the format or the extension of the image file? if it is WIM, it is possible to restore
if any other - I am not sure

For block based, it is img.gz, for file-based, it is .wim. Both are inside the Winclone package (right click, then choose “Show Package Contents”.