Feitian Bluetooth CAC Reader w/ IPAD to access Desktop Anywhere

I recently purchased Twocanoes Bluetooth Reader for my iphone/ipad. My goal is to be able to accomplish everything I need to do from my IPAD instead of my PC. I’ve successfully accessed cac required sites such as Air Force Portal and webmail from my IPAD. I’m curious if it’s possible to access Air Force Desktop Anywhere. I’m able to access Desktop Anywhere on my PC through VMware Horizon, but I haven’t had any success using the ios version of the VMware app.

Also, I’d like to be able to digitally sign PDFs using my CAC certificate-based signature from my IPAD. Looks like Adobe doesn’t support doing this for ios. Is anyone aware of a third party PDF software that would allow me to do this?

Thanks for the help

I am able to get to everything as long as it is in the safari browser. Any other apps or browsers cannot see the card or its certs. For VMware Horizon client I get the screenshot below:

I get the same thing on the Outlook app:

Two screenshots below:
First screenshot is edge trying to sign into DoD365 (@mail.mil) but does not work
Second screenshot is logging into the same site for DoD365 (@mail.mil) but DOES work.
What I’m trying to say is that I am able to access everything in both my @mail.mil and my @us.af.mil as long as it is through the SAFARI browser. iOS (and MACOS) does not pass the certificates along to any other browser or app.

Smart Card Utility makes the certificate available to any apps that opt in with the com.apple.token entitlement. The Safari browser does this, but other browsers do not. I am hopeful that this could change in the future.