First image tiny, second and subsequent suspiciously small

Several times now I go to create an image of my bootcamp partition, and the image created is 454 bytes. I then retry doing everything identically and get a 30GB image. My windows partition is 73GBs on a 90GB bootcamp partition.

What is going on? Is there any chance I have a valid image? I open WinClone, click on the bootcamp partition on the left, click Save Image in the Destinations bar, then Save Image at the bottom, and agree to the sysprep warning. Am I missing something? I’ve been getting this behaviour for several months now on to different backup disks, disk formats and partitions.

I’m using WinClone 6.1.4 on OS X 10.12.6.


The finder can show the wrong size. Try control clicking on the image, select “Show package contents”, then look at the size of the boot or Windows file. It should be multiple GB.

For example: