First start with Winclone 6 problem

I bought Winclone 6 today (Standard) and installed it. Now I want to save an image of my bootcamp partition.
My harddisk is 2 TB and 1.1 TB is in use for windows. Windows 10 occupies about 200 GB of this large space.

So I expect to create and store an image the size of the Win 10 used space.

I open Winclone 6 and as source take Bootcamp (1.1 TB) and as destination save image. When I click the “save image” button it asks for a name and a destination. When I choose an external NTFS formatted drive it does not save because this is read only. When I choose the local harddisk on Mac or bootcamp side it does not let me save the image.

I guess I do something basic wrong. Please give me short explanation.

This is a good place to start. It walks your through the process, and has a video as well.


I saw this but help me nothing.

Okay - more frustration now. I needed to mount the device, because otherwise it cannot write the save image.
For this I loaded a software called Mac Fuse and this directly let the bootcamp partition disappear from finder and made a new device. This war kind of weird and I rolled back with timemachine and deleted Winclone and this Mac Fuse stuff.

Now its frustrating. I only want to save my bootcamp image and nothing else.