From MBP15 to MBP16 - not restoring anythings

Hi, recently i switch to MBP 16" from MBP 15 and i have created BOOTCAMP.Winclone image with Winclone 801 in my old MBP 15 for restoring it in new MBP 16. My problem is the restoring. In new MBP 16" i have created a Bootcamp partition with Assisten Bootcamp with Win10. Also i created a windows partition (Ex-FAT) without Win10.
When i try to restore BOOTCAMP.Winclone file via Winclone 801, i choose it on Finder dialog window, but not source drive is showing of the file (why?) after, i can choose the destinantion Windows partition
and I click on “Restore image”. Window alert “Restore Image to Volume?” appears, clicking on “Restore” but nothing happening.
Any idea? Thank to pay me attention.

Can you send a screen shot of the interface right before you click Restore?



It looks like there is a dropdown menu in sources. What does it show?


The drop down menu si empty only one prompt.

This video show you step by step the restoring attempt.

Thanks. That was helpful. If you click on the log button, does it show the error?


Hi Tim,
thanks for your reply,

log button show this…