Frustrating issues with migration, please help


I was unable to do sysprep on source on an older MacBook Pro, Windows 10 Pro Bootcamp partition. I got the dread error related to “Miracast view”. Not sure if that was the only obstacle, but I could see that one in the error log for sysprep. I was unable to fix the issue.

So I just went ahead with making the migration image without sys prep.

I successfully created an image and restored it to a brand new MacBook Pro for 2018. The restore is working, and I can boot up Windows on the new MBP. But I guess the drivers are wrong. No wireless, for example.

Can I merely get the correct drivers in Windows somehow? Or do I have to start over and resolve the sys prep problem?

Also, I realize this may be a user community and not twocanoes staff, but if they also read these posts: I got the winclone pro version only to support the product, having had great support in years past. I haven’t gotten any replies to my “pro” support tickets submitted over 24 hours ago, so I’m posting here. Sorry to complain, but you know…

Urgent assistance is needed. Thank you for reading.

No reply after days?

Download the Windows drivers for Bootcamp from Apple?

I think our emails are going to your spam folder. I responded on Friday at 3:33 pm (US/Central) and today at 12:50 pm.