Fusion drive partition


I am attempting to transfer an existing bootcamp partition to a new internal hard drive on a 2012 Macbook Pro. The instructions say, for a fusion drive (I have a 2TB fusion drive), to use bootcamp assistant rather than disk utility to create a partition. Can you explain further how to do this please? I just want a blank partition to restore my Winclone image to, bootcamp assistant only seems to offer options for a windows installation.

Thank you.

Follow the instructions to install Windows, but after the computer reboots to start the Windows install, reboot back to macOS and then restore the Winclone image to the newly created boot camp partition.


Thanks Tim, will give that a go. Following your advice to make the new partition a few GB bigger, do I need to ‘tell’ the winclone backup that the new partition is bigger before restore (by resizing in winclone), or will it sort that out itself?



It will use the new, larger size.