Hanging on Fetching OS Recovery info from server

Hello all, I’m using MDS v1.6 to install Mojave plus apps. Imagr seems to hang on “Fetching OS Recovery info from server” while I"m trying to install Mojave on a 2015 iMac. This same MDS flash drive has worked fine on new MacBook Pro and Mac mini computers. Any ideas?

Are you erasing and install the OS? What version is the OS in recovery (run sw_vers to find out).

Yes I am wiping and re-installing. What I tried afterwards to go ahead and re-install the macOS as suggested by the macOS Recovery options. It installed Sierra, I then restarted, made an account, installed all the macOS software updates. I’ve now booted back into the Recovery area, launched the MDS imagr software, it quickly went past the “Fetching OS Recovery info from server” and it’s working fine now.