Has *anyone* ever successfully restored a Bootcamp image?

I ask partly as I only see failed restorations here?

If you have please show me how.


It works for most people. The forums as a “self selecting” sample group since you normally wouldn’t post to the forums if there isn’t an issue. Can you tell me what you are issue is?



Thanks and noted about the profile of those posting here.

It wasn’t an issue, I was reaching for explicit real world guidance from those who have the system working.

It hasnt worked for me, at least for thr past 2 versions. When people say it works for most people, it’s an exaggeration. Ive only neen using this app for EFI conversion, but that’s it. I need to test it some more. Hopefully not forced to upgrade again. It’s easier to hardware clone with a unitek dual cloner.

I’m sorry to hear that, at least you have found an alternative.