Help deploying app store apps with MDS and MDM

Can someone point me in the right direction with how to deploy app store apps to our computers. We have a lot of macs but really dont use the mac side so my focus has been on the windows side of things. We dont even use alot of the app store apps however, there are a few that i could see being needed. I’ve been using MDS pretty successfully to setup computers (refresh them if you will) but i never installed any app-store apps but now i would like to. I have the apple school manger all setup and the mdm portion of mds setup and i am able to to enroll computers but i dont see a way to do this anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.

We don’t currently have that feature in MDS. Please request it here:


You probably should have a look at Munki. We deploy all kinds of apps this way, including from the App Store, like the iWork apps (Numbers, Pages, Keynote). Just have an App Store account for those, then take them from a machine that has them installed and deploy.
Although I would think that the Apple School Manager would have a feature for that, but I haven’t used that personally.

I use munki currently. I couldnt find away to assign apps to the computers in apple school manager only using profile manager which I didnt want to use.

Munki is based on manifests that define what gets installed. So a specific bunch of machines can just include a different manifest that takes care of what these machines need (compared to others).

Here are some helpful links about using manifests in Munki:
An opinionated guide to Munki manifests
Another opinionated guide to Munki manifests