Help to prep winclone6 image migration to external usbc SSD on new 10.14 2018 mac from old mac 2013 osx 10.12 hardware of internal ssd bootcamp image

The original bootcamp on the old mac hardware is from an internal SSD partition with 10.12Mac osx. My new objective is to migrate that image to my external usbc SSD same size as the orginal bootcamp partition.
What is required to prep the external SSD drive to accept the winclone7 recovery image to happily allow me to boot into my old mac bootcamp windows home from my new 2018 mac 10.14 osx? winclone7 recovers the image just fine no errors on the usb ssd. Booting with option key only shows “EFI” name not my fat32 volume name of “Win10”.
Is there step by step instructions to make this work?

I have winclone 7 and new vmware fusion on the new mac.
Thank you

I ended up giving up due to too much time spent. So in my case I did not use winclone 7 to restore my old mac (2013 10.12) from internal SSD winclone 6 image onto my new mac 2018 10.14 external usb SSD. I ended up using WinToExe.exe to install a new win10 home onto my external samsung T5 SSD. In away maybe better because I install stuff that is more relevant,as needed and retire old stuff. I still need to get my old boot camp windows key for the new install.
So can the winclone 7 be used going forward to manage image backups with successful restore to the external SSD?

Thank You


Winclone 7 should be able to do that.