Horrible software

After reading thru lots of threads with apparently similar issues, I’ve concluded the money I spent on winclone was basically a waste. This software is horrible—too many issues for something with such a singular purpose.

I have been unsuccessful restoring my bootcamp winclone image from a macbook 12 to a macbook air 2018. The restored image works fine when accessed via vmware but get the dreaded “INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE” blue screen when trying from bootup.

I’ve spent a LOT of time trying to manually fix winclone with several suggested steps. Hope this message gets out to someone considering this software under similar scenarios. It might be ok for simple tasks but don’t expect much and you’ll be fine.

Sorry about the issues you are having. The inaccessible boot device error is caused by a missing drive required for boot up and can be injected into the image or a restored volume. More information here:

the new T2-based macs have SSDs that require that driver, so migrating from an older mac to the newer one requires that driver.

Also, if you are not satisfied, we can refund your purchase. Just click Refunds in the footer and we will refund your purchase.