How do I retrieve license?

I upgraded to Winclone 6 but have never received a license. I did send an email but have not heard back. Is there a way to retrieve the license from the web page?

I did the upgrade from High Sierra as version 5 will not run. I installed version 6 and I can’t view my existing license since version 5 won’t run. The activate license field is blank.

Visit and select “Need License Key”. I will provide your information as soon as possible.

Be sure to provide your purchasing email or your invoice order number.

I never received any email with an order number or license. I can provide the credit card charge showing the charge went through. I was able to download and install the new version but I don’t have a new license for it. The old license does not take.



Can you submit a request with your purchasing email? I can look up purchases by email.

I just received an email with the License Key. The sender was It worked and Winclone is now activated. I appreciate your help but a little confused on what happened and the long delay.

Thank you,