How to boot into Bootcamp from Boot Runner screen?

Hi all, I hope yoiu are all safe and well,

I just installed BR3, after previously using BR2 on my Mid-2010 Mac Pro which is running Sierra.

Both under BR2 and BR3 I am unable to boot into Bootcamp from the BR overlay screen. The Bootcamp volume is shown on the screen, but the machine will boot into the usual Sierra boot volume. I cannot use the Prefs>Startup Disk to boot into Bootcamp as the prefs pane displays “The bless tool was unable to set the current boot disk.”

My only way to access Bootcamp is to boot while holding ALT, and select the Bootcamp volume on the early startup screen.

I have set up csrutil enable --without nvram in the Recovery Terminal as per BR instructions.

Advice please, TIA.

Boot Runner uses the same “bless” command as the Startup Disk Pref Pane so it makes sense that both would fail the same way. When did this start happening?


Hi Tim,
Not exactly sure when it started, but probably after I moved from El Capitan to Sierra a few months ago. I do have many drives and volumes on my MacPro.
Would a system report help you. I’m not very knowlegeable about terms like EFI or Metal, but fairly confident about many things Mac.
Thanks for your reply,

Hi Tim,
I’d really appreciate some help with this when you have time.
What info can I give that will help you help me?

I am at a loss as to why the bless command in macOS would be failing after a macOS upgrade. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to be related to the OS upgrade, system preferences startup disk and not Boot Runner. Is that correct?


Hi Tim, thanks for responding.
You may well be right, I will have to call Apple tech support for advice. The odd thing is, holding down ALT on boot and selecting the Windows partition does work. Anyhow, if I get a solution I will post it here for others to see.