How to EXCLUDE Files/Folders while saving WINCLONE IMAGE

Can somebody help me. I have a single Windows Partition of approx 500 GB SSD. On my Windows Desktop I have two Virtual Machines (Total Size 325 GB)

Every time I Save a Clone of my Windows BOOTCAMP, I don’t want to copy the above VMs. Can I exclude these VMs (They are just like Folders)

Please note I am NOT REFERRING to WINCLONE BACKUP which just backs up folders.

I am referring to “Save Image” from Winclone. For “Save Image”, I want to exclude some folders. Is that possible?

There isn’t currently a way to exclude those files, but I’ll add that to a list of possible new features we will add.


Thanks tim. Please add it on higher priority.

Has there been any progress on this?
I have a few large files that I need to have installed in order to be able to work with them but I keep them backed up separately due to the size. Being able to exclude them would save me the trouble associated with uninstalling them before every backup and then having to reinstall them again.

I’ll add it to the next update.


That would make an enormous difference. Thank you!

Was this feature added to the current version? I didn’t see it referenced anywhere.

what about wimcapture and exclusion list?
tool is included with Winclone

wimcapture diskXsY MyWindows.wim --config=FILE
and file is

\System Volume Information