How to recover if sysprep cannot be run?

I experienced a hardware failure last year that left the computer (laptop) inoperable, but the hard drives were ok.

I attempted to move the windows 7 bootcamp over to a new laptop anyway, and to no one’s surprise it doesn’t boot at all, just hangs on a black screen (I only know it’s running because the CPU fans are going - Apple decided to remove all other power indications from their new macbooks…).

I can’t run the old OS at all, so I can’t run sysprep on it. The hardware it used to run on is no longer booting.

Do I have any options to run sysprep on the winclone image, or is there another path I can take?

For instance, can I install windows 10 into a new bootcamp, then mount the winclone partition and do the migration with the window’s tools?

What are my options?

As a point of reference, this is a development machine, with a lot of work involved in setting it back up for the variety of projects I handle. I’d prefer to simply keep using it and migrate/upgrade at a later date.

I also have a vmware license if there’s a possibility I can run it virtually until I upgrade.

It does sound like VMWare fusion is your best option. VMWare has an option to either migrate from a boot camp partition or boot directly off the Boot Camp partition. Give that a try after restoring the Winclone image.