How to schedule a boot to Windows


My understanding is that there is a way to create a Schedule so the machines can boot to Windows so they can capture the latest Windows Updates and then boot to MAC when it is all done

Is there any documentation on how to accomplish this?

Thanks in dvance



See here:



Hi Tim,

Hope you are well and slowly getting into the Christmas spirit :).

Thanks for the previous response about Windows maintenance.

Do you remember few months ago, you were helping me trying to figure out
why Bootrunner would fail to load on some machines sporadically, and the
only way to load it was to log on to the Mac side and log out? It is still
happening with a lot more frequency. It happens when either restarting the
machine from Windows or just restarting them from the off position.

Was curious if you could re visit this when you get a chance. We are
working around it by having the student log on and log out to be able to
choose Windows.

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas



We are just getting ready to release Boot Runner 3, and it would be great if you could try it and see if it resolves the issue.



Hi Tim,

That sounds great.

Let me know when is ready for download

Merry Christmas