How to Update MAC Book Pro to HighSierra without losing the BootCamp

Hi, I received the notification to update my OS to HighSierra, but I happened to read the horror stories from people who lost their Boot Camp installation during the update process. I have a kept backup of my BootCamp Windows 10 partition made using WinClone, but I came to know this backup wouldn’t help to restore back my partition. Could you please advise how to go about this update ? Is there a procedure to do so ?

You should make a clone of the partition. This explains how:


Thanks. I do have WinClone and a backup of my Windows partition. My question is specifically to the people who could successfully restore the bootcamp partition after upgrading to HighSierra. I was told that the issue is with some startup files and drivers in bootcamp that might not work after restoring back the partition. Perhaps you need to reinstall windows again. I am afraid to upgrade the MacOS without learning about the user experience.