I can't get to where I enter my license details


I am trying out the beta version of Winclone 8. I had a licensed Winclone 7 on my Mac, that worked fine before upgrading to Catalina. Of course now I have been waiting for version 8.

Now it’s here in beta version at least, but after installing the beta, I can’t get much further. When I try to create a new image from Volume, I get the message that a license key is required. I select Purchase - Winclone Standard, and on the Purchase popup, I select Enter License… And nothing happens. I do not get a new popup where I have to enter my license details… NOTHING.

I have also tried just starting up Winclone, then selecting Buy, and then Already Have A License… NOTHING…

What’s the action from here?

That button is broken. Try adding the license in preferences.