I clearly defined road map for WinClone 6 moving Bootcamp to an External HDD

Hi I have WinClone Standard installed on my Apple I Mac–it is less than three years old.
Here is my issue and what I want to do. In Bullets

  1. I am 82 and while I can get around in all the standard software for Windows I am not a “savvy” user.
  2. I could use a Glossary of the various nomenclatures for working with WinClone 6 Standard.( I.E. “Boot Camp partition”)
  3. I have watched your “faster than a speeding bullet” You Tube explanations and my “slower than a dead horse brain” cannot catch what I am supposed to do.
  4. What I want to do is clone my Bootcamp to an external hard drive.

If my computer crashes and I clone it to a location on my computer I think it will die with the rest of my computer, plus it is available to the outside world.

I plan to WinClone my Bootcamp to an external hard drive and then disconnect it, put it on a shelf as my “Vault”

What I need is a road map similar to the one in the below website which deals with WinClone Basic and the illustrations do not match what I saw when I opened WinClone 6 on my box.( IMac less that three years old )

I have investigated your self help section and it does not give me what I need.
But as I said above if I had a road map as shown in this website I think I might be able to handle the work. https://support.twocanoes.com/hc/en-us/articles/204462765-Winclone-Basic-User-Guide
I got as far as down loading a read/write app. I could not get my computer to drag the icon for the now modified appearance of my Bootcamp over to the left hand Destination side of the window where WinClone was waiting in rapt anticipation. But I failed.

If you have a good Winclone 6 process ma as you do for Winclone 4 for doing this Cloning process to an external hard drive I am humbly begging you for a copy.

So that is it.
A. A road map and
B. A Glossary.
I would be ever so sincerely grateful to be provided this assistance.
Best Regards

Paul Ames
Hong Kong

We just launched a new page that gives an overview of steps to take when first starting out. Here it is:



HI Tim

Thank you for this.

I am getting the message from many hours of study that one cannot Clone directly to an external HDD. I have concluded that I must first clone on my Mac Disk and then transfer to the HDD.

Problem is I have 39GB on my Mac and the Balance on my Bootcamp partition which is quite full—less than 50% available.

Am I correct in my conclusion? Is there any work around that will let me clone directly to my external HDD that I have not discovered?

I know you must be busy on answering everyone’s questions so I am very appreciative of you giving me some of your time.

Best Regards


PS. The 2canoes website content has multiple typos in each of the sections I read. Someone has not run the text through Spellcheck.

Your email title belies the content of the email.

I have started Winclone on a clone of my HDD in anticipating it would be moved to an external hard drive. What I did not realize was I had to record the clone on my Mac Drive which is 10% of my HDD to be cloned now I think it is the source of my blue screen as I had to stop the clone after about a minute.

Now I am wondering if I should run Sysprep or just erase the file where the BC clone resides.

Winclone ain’t for Sissies.

How I have a start up issue and still do not know how to run Winclone.

I believe that all the email I get from you is cleverly automated and there fore does not address my questions>

Am I correct?

Paul Ames