Imac 2017 Run win10 from samsung thunderbolt 3 external ssd

I have a imac 2017 with 1tb fusion running on bootcamp configuration win 10. To speed up win 10 speeds, i’ve bought an ext ssd thunderbolt 3 samsung x5 512mb.
I formated the ext ssd gtp, exfat, as described in instructions, with single volume
I used latest winclone to create image of the bootcamp partition
i then restored the image to the ext ssd
When i boot windows i see the windows logo, then a black screen with the circle animation, and the
just a black screen. Nothing else.
Any suggestions ?

I have seen that and it could be related to Windows thinking there is a second screen attached. Do you see the cursor as well?


Νο cursor just the cirle animation first and ultimately a black screen