iMac Catalina Not Working

I have backed up my bootcamp a few times successfully and the other day I actually needed the backup to restore, so I did so without any issues. Now After getting the windows to work again I wanted to go back to Catalina and make a fresh updated backup. But this time the backup starts scanning and then quickly switches to a message “Backup was created Successfully” and the file is just a few bytes in file size.

I made a 40 sec. video showing what I am seeing

It shouldn’t say it was successful when it failed like that. Can you send me the log at Also, try run CHKDSK to see if there was any filesystem errors.


sure I can send the full log… I didn’t think about looking at it… but here is what I am seeing as I do a fresh one for you :slight_smile:

Current volume size: 199329263616 bytes (199330 MB)
2020-06-29T12:08:54-07:00:Scanning volume, 10.000500% complete
2020-06-29T12:09:03-07:00:Record 1104 has wrong SeqNo (117 <> 118)
Inode is corrupt (104913): Input/output error

definitely sounds like a drive issue. Try running CHKDSK: