Image Restoration taking an incredibly long time - 12 hours +


I’m trying to restore a known good Bootcamp image.

System is:

Early 2013 rMBP
Catalina 10.15.5
Winclone 8.2
Windows 10 Image created using (I believe) Winclone 7.

The image is on a Thunderbolt -> USB3.0 external HDD.
I’m trying to restore it to a USB 3.0 2.5" drive attached directly to the mac.
This is formatted as shown:

Complete the URL here /useruploads/winclone/drive1.png

The image should be approx 300gb, and the drive is 1TB, so I’m not anticipating issues with size.

I’m at this stage here, and have been for approx 12 hours now:

The first thing I’d normally try would be to connect the drive containing the image directly to the mac, but I’ve actually already successfully restored this image to an SSD attached directly to the thunderbolt enclosure, so I’m guessing that’s not the issue. That restoration took a couple of hours from memory - seemed reasonable.

Activity monitor doesn’t seem to suggest that a lot is happening - I’d guess that 174GB of read is the image being read, but I can’t see that process is doing a lot of writing, which presumably it should be right now:

Use the same URL here with this ending due to forum restrictions -> /winclone/activitymonitor.png

The external HDD holding the image is whirring away like it’s accessing small files, and the activity light on the external HDD the image is being written to is just flashing with a regular rhythm.

Another thing to note is that I don’t actually want to boot and run off this image - I’ve made a fresh installation on the SSD. I’d just like to access this image to copy some files and settings.

What should I do? Leave it to run another day? Or scrap this restoration and try again a different way? Or is there a way to just access the files in the image without performing a restoration?

Thanks for your help!

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Please open up the log by pressing Command-L. It should give you more details about the progress and why it is taking so long.



Thanks for your response - log here:!AgCJBd4Pu2tQlaoKwafgBJEu4B6xjg

It seems to be just taking ages to extract the data files.

The HDD it’s writing to is a 1TB 5400rpm drive attached directly by USB3. Previously I restored to an SSD in a few hours.

Is this just how long it takes?

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Hi haveing same problem here 20 hours stuck or very slow
-07-02T11:19:56+01:00:Extracting file data: 15 GiB of 495 GiB (3%) done
2020-07-02T11:19:56+01:00:Extracting file data, 13.500000% complete
2020-07-02T11:20:02+01:00:Extracting file data: 15 GiB of 495 GiB (3%) done
2020-07-02T11:20:02+01:00:Extracting file data, 13.500000% complete
2020-07-02T11:20:52+01:00:Extracting file data: 15 GiB of 495 GiB (3%) done
2020-07-02T11:20:52+01:00:Extracting file data, 13.500000% complete
2020-07-02T11:21:11+01:00:Extracting file data: 15 GiB of 495 GiB (3%) done
2020-07-02T11:21:11+01:00:Extracting file data, 13.500000% complete
2020-07-02T11:21:52+01:00:Extracting file data: 15 GiB of 495 GiB (3%) done
2020-07-02T11:21:52+01:00:Extracting file data, 13.500000% complete
2020-07-02T11:22:26+01:00:Extracting file data: 15 GiB of 495 GiB (3%) done
2020-07-02T11:22:26+01:00:Extracting file data, 13.500000% complete

p.s just keeps repeating

Hi haveing same problem here 20 hours stuck or very slow

Hi if i wait for this to finish i will have to leave my computer on for 6 months LOL

It completed! It took almost exactly 48 hours to extract a 216GB image from one 5400rpm HDD to another.

Worth bearing in mind for next time - it’s literally days faster to pop to the shop and buy a cheap SSD than to wait if HDDs are all you have on hand. The same job took a couple of hours from the same 5400rpm HDD to an old SSD.

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