Image restore from old Winclone

I have Winclone Basic 5.7.6 on a mac with El Capitan. I have created an image.
Upgraded the mac with a new SSD, and a new version of Mohave and a licenced version of Winclone 8.
I’m having trouble restoring the image. Files look to restore but it is not booting into Windows.

Can an image created with Winclone Basic 5.7.6 be restored by Winclone 8?

Thanks in advance for any reply.

Yes, the images are compatible. Can you give me more info on the type of Mac and what happens when you boot?


Macbook Air 2014. We are upgrading to a larger SSD using Aura Pro X2.

When I restore the windows side (which is Win 7 pro) all the files restore but I can’t reboot. When I go into Mac boot manager (hold option key and restart) the windows boot partition has a different name. The windows partition is called Mac. On the old drive it would call the partition Windows. On the new SSD it calls the boot partition EFI.

I dont know if I have a EFI boot issue or if I have a driver issue.
I did not do a sysprep on the windows drive before I cloned it.

What happens when I boot is it is just a black screen. Nothing happens

It is the EFI.
When I go into boot manager from a restart with a Windows installer USB plugged in it shows two EFI partitions (one on ssd and one on USB) and it shows the Windows partition like on the old drive.

I have tried make EFI bootable in Winclone with no success.

I think the Macbook Air has an issue, it is not Winclone.

I removed the bootcamp, restarted. Then create a new bootcamp and installed a fresh copy of Windows 10. When it reboots to finish the install it hangs and goes into a loop of rebooting failed install.

Maybe it is a firmware issue on the Mac, it is not getting updated and is causing an efi boot problem.