Imaging is dead, what's next?

I know imaging has been dead for a while. But what can we do if we need to deploy a client image to a fleet of T2 mac?

Is there any software/script that can copy all the users customizations and software install and run them as package post install?

I think we have just been using time machine to semi image post install. Looking for a better option.

That what MDS is for! Check out the videos:


Thanks, I am currently using it, but i am looking to make a complete image of a client image. Are there any software or script that will make it a bit less painless?

I want it to capture user customeaztions and tweaks made by the client. Everything from wallpaper to tap to click touchpad and dock and software install.

Hi kabrutus

As you said yourself imaging is dead, or at lest not supported by apple anymore. But there is software like Acronis True Image which still allows you to make a complete image and restore it to the same or another mac. I’ve tried this with Mac Minis 2018 (T2) and it worked but you loose MDM enrollment in the process. That’s why it isn’t an option for us, might be different for you.
With MDS you can install various software as pkg by including them in your workflow. Custom user settings like wallpapers can be set through a postinstall script (there are already some predefined ones in MDS like changing to dark mode) or with custom mobile configs. To achieve everything we needed, I had to rely on a combination of scripts and custom profiles.
Of course you would have to create a different workflow for every computer/user if they are all different which is probably not very efficient.

Hope this helps to clear things out!
BR, Loïc

Ok cool. I didn’t know Acronis had a Mac version. I will try that out. I don’t need MDM. I would like to use MDS but need a tool to extract the custom setting/apps from a master image and make it a post deploy. Sounds good. I will give Acronis a shot. Thanks

Are you talking about Mac OS image or Winclone image being dead. I use Carbon copy cloner new version that clones the OS. And Winclone 8 for Windows 10.