Imagr error "copying installer to target" solved

I am just getting started with MDS. Very excited to get it working after having used Imagr directly for the past year.

I got my first workflow all setup and ran it the workflow on a system. Only to have it error out very quickly with an Imagr error “copying installer to target”. At a suggestion of Tim’s I checked the log file at /var/log/installer.log and found a couple of errors referring to files in the Workflow folder of the MDS volume. Then the light bulb went off…I had named my workflow “Erase HD; Install Mojave; Kickoff Munki”. The name of the workflow is used and the name of a folder in the workflow folder of the MDS volume. The “;” in my workflow name was causing a problem. I changed the name of the workflow to “WorkFlow01” and all appears to be moving along.


thanks for letting us know. We will investigate why “;” causes issues.

@philking98 we checked this out and could replicate what you described. We will improve validation of workflow names in a future build: alphanumeric characters, dashes, and underscores. Thanks for notifying us about this.