Imagr not running on USB Volume

Running “run” ends with an error “bash: -bash/Deploy/Applications/ no such file or directory”
It is clearly there on the drive. I have tried clearing cache and re-downloading the resources and multiple iMacs.
I’ve had to edit the “run” script (line 97) to manually include the full path. Is there some setting I’ve neglected to set during the “Save to Volume…” process?
Thanks for any information.

Is is possible that your drive has a blank name?


Both volumes are named. The USB is “mds” and the target is “Macintosh HD.”

I can also fix the script by changing line 47 (and I guess 96) to
dir=$(echo $0 | pwd)

Is there a way to do this in the resources pulled when building an image or volume?
As it is now, I need to save to a volume, edit the run file and build my own disk image before testing.