Inaccessible Boot Device error on Restore

Did a backup of Mac OS partition using SuperDuper & the bootcamp partition on a Macbook Pro Retina.
Removed the 256 Gig HDD and installed the Aura 2 480 GB HDD.
The Mac OS partition got restored and is working fine.
Initially when attempting to restore the bootcamp image on a ExFAT partition, got the inaccessible_boot_device error.
Later, created a bootable flash drive and injected the drivers into the bootcamp partition by running the dism command from the EFI boot disk on command prompt.
It complained about a few drivers but installed 20 drivers and said that the operation got completed successfully.
Tried booting again from the injected bootcamp partition, after a while got the message again Stop , Inaccessible boot device.
Using version 10 of WinClone
Kindly assist.


There have been reports of the OWC SSDs not booting bootcamp. Try installing Boot Camp on it and verify it can actually support running Windows.


I am seeing the same issue with an Envoy Pro SX and a 2020 iMac. I realize the driver injection solution is not really valid as Apple would have to supply the drivers in Boot Camp Windows Support for the OWC (third party) device?!? Are there high performance Thunderbolt 3/4 SSD external drives that are known to have drivers and work for Boot Camp on an external drive?

For the original problem in this thread - High-Performance Workflow Solutions - OWC Digital
It appears OWC Aura drives are seen as externals unless this dual boot utility is run.

Did run the boot enabler after the upgrade as the package came specifically with those instructions.
The solution didn’t work.

Is there anything else that can be done to make the restored bootcamp partition bootable ?