Inaccessible boot device [internal SSD]

On my MacPro i have a dedicated ssd for my High Sierra Install and a separate internal one for a Windows 10 install.

In high Sierra i made with Winclone a copy of the internal Windows 10 ssd succesfully. When my Windows ssd corrupted i needed Winclone to put back the image on the dedicated SSD. This actually went great, but when booting into the Win10 install there comes up a screen with the text INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE and iT does nog continue.

Please tell me I van save my Windows 10 install :joy:.

Try disabling SIP and setting EFI/Legacy booting:


Wow, I am baffled. I was working Google to find an answer but I did not succeed. Maybe it was due to my knowledge level of the English language. But this tip was exactly what I needed!