Incorrect Partition Size

I am getting an incorrect partition size when restoring the windows image. I recently had to wipe the HDD and reinstall Mac OS, upon having everything updated I noticed Winclone 8 does not let me create the Bootcamp partition so I had to create it using the Boot Camp Assistant default application from Apple. I decided to create a bigger partition size versus recreating the same partition size that the Winclone image was first created out of. Now for this reason when you log in to Windows, you would see the partition size based on the image and not by what you actually created with the Boot Camp Assistant. This basically makes the software useless as how I am now forced to reinstall Windows at my desired partition size and reinstall all apps and personal files on the new reinstalled Windows if I want to take full advantage of all free space that Mac OS Utility displays.

Winclone Image Backup File: 17.4GB

New BootCamp Partition Size - Total: 132.68GB , Used: 38.67GB , Free:94.01GB (Disk Utility on Mac OS 10.15.4)

Windows Side Bootcamp Partition Size - Total: 123GB, Used: 35.70GB Free: 87.3GB, (Windows Explorer on Windows 10)

Winclone expands the filesystem to take up the entire size of the partition, but it sounds like this didn’t happen in your case. Try expanding the filesystem using Tools->Expand Filesystem. If you don’t see that option, enable block-based imaging in the preferences and it should show up in the Tools menu.