Incremental Backup Date & Time

I have Winclone Basic. When I set up the User folder incremental backup, the time of the backup is set to when I first set it up using the Winclone Menu Helper. Is there a way to change that time? Perhaps a settings file somewhere?

Did a search here for incremental but didn’t find anything.


Can you explain a bit more? What do you mean the “time of the backup”?


If you open Winclone menu, you see the date and time of the next backup. For example, mine currently says

Next Backup: Nov 20, 2017 at 3:12 PM

The time is the same time as the time I did a backup using the Backup Now option. Originally, the time was 9:05 AM, because that’s the time I went into Winclone Menu and set up the User folder backup.

What I’d like to do is have it do the backup early in the morning so I don’t have to worry about what I’m doing, for example, restarting in BootCamp. I know that if I wake up at say 5 AM and do a Backup Now, the new time will be 5 AM, but I was hoping that there was an easier way to set it.

Did you see the reply I posted in the topic?



Yes, thanks. I’ll add it in as a feature request to make the scheduling more granular.


Hi Bobbd,

I wanted to do the same thing and found that you can edit the ~/Library/Preferences/com.twocanoes.Winclone-Menu.plist file (using xcode or another plist editor). Change the lastBackupTime value to what you would like. Quitting and restarting the winclone menu item is usually not sufficient to get your new date to show up, but in my case, it did show the changed date after a system restart. There’s probably a way to reload the plist file without a restart, but I haven’t messed around with this.

It’s frustrating that I left this exact solution in twocanoes support forums when I found it about a year and a half ago. Russell Scheil even said he would add my solution to the documentation, but apparently this hasn’t been done. Even worse, I was unable to find my previous comment by searching the support forums—it seems anything earlier than a year ago has been wiped out.

Thanks for this.