Incremental Imaging Next Backup Date unchanged

I don’t usually have my external drive connected to my laptop, so when my scheduled Incremental Backup Date and Time arrives, I am usually greeted with the following message:

When I finally get around to connecting my external drive, Winclone 8 starts the backup and 20 minutes later completes the operation as expected but alas, the Next Backup Date is unchanged.

So, if I leave my external drive connected, yet another backup will start which will be a duplicate of the one it just completed. I’m thinking, ok, I will let it complete this backup because now it is happy that the external drive is connected. But unfortunately, the Next Backup Date remains unchanged.

The only way to stop these duplicate incremental backups is if I re-Configure the Incremental Cloning Settings ‘Start at’ date to a future date. Essentially, what happens is I am left with a number of duplicate incremental images unless I intervene.

Any ideas?? I have 3 partitions on my external drive and on the Winclone partition I have a couple of old Winclone 6 backups where I have changed the extensions to zzzclone so as to not conflict with the new backup.

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