Incremental Pop up


Why does this annoying popup keeping coming up every 30secs and there seems noway to get rid of it.

I do my backups to a USB stick which of course I remove after it is complete.

How can I stop this happening.

Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 11.19.30.png


After you remove it, just quit the winclone menu and it should stop prompting you. What version are you running? We did a bunch of tests to avoid the problem you are seeing and it shouldn’t be happening this way (you should get an error when the time for it to run finds the drive is missing).



Hi Tim,

I have quit the menu but it still keeps coming.

I am using version 7.3.2 (42032).

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Hi Tim have you any solution for this issue. It is so annoying that I am not using mac at the moment and have switched to Windows.

If I de install your app and re install I assume this will not affect me using Incremental on the existing image.

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We did some investigation on this, and could not replicate it. The timer that tells it when to run is in the Winclone menu app, and if you quit that, it should never pop up since there is no schedule running. Can you look in System Preferences->Users & Groups->Login Items for your user and see if Winclone menu is in there? If it is, remove it and reboot.