Infinite Loop on Package Install Fail

Hello, I am having this issue where Imagr keeps on looping after a package fails to install because “it is disabled.” I have attached a picture of the error as I cannot access anything when this happens (cannot access var/log file) and the only way out from my research is to reinstall OS. Help is much appreciated, and thank you for the time.


I had the same issue with infinte fail.

You have to remove some packages and folders in recovery mode via the Terminal App.

Best way to look at waht to remove:
/Macintosh HD/Library/LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemons.
do a cat or default read on all .plist with “login” “grahamgilbert” “twocanoes”

Then you’ll have the path of the folder(s) to remove.
Then you can delete all the .plist named above.
Then you can reboot.

I have not the exact path and names as I did not saved the info, but you should be good.
WITHOUT resinstalling the Os.