Install automaticaly softwares avalaible on munki during deployment

Hello Twocanoes Team, Timothy Perfitt,

I have install MDS on a mac mini and setup everything for munki, i was just wondering if it’s possible de launch a force install command at the end of the MDS deployment to download and install all packages avalaible on the munki repository.

This command download all the package set by default on munki admin, it seems to work:

But the force install command is not working:
/usr/local/munki/managedsoftwareupdate --installonly

I don’t have any error message at the end of the deployment.

Thanks for your help and your amazing work.

Cheers !

We’ll give it a try and see if we can replicate.

Thanks @tperfitt, if this could work, it can help a lot of small enterprise to deploy internally their mac.
Have a nice day !

@Jega we checked this out today and found something that can be improved in MDS to help with this issue. A bug report was filed to track progress for this:

Hello @dlebbing,

Thanks a lot, i’m sure this feature in MDS can help a lot of people.
I have also try to use this script after the munkitools package install and it was the same:


defaults write /Library/Preferences/ManagedInstalls SoftwareRepoURL “munki repo share here”
defaults write /Library/Preferences/ManagedInstalls ClientIdentifier “name of the catalog”
/usr/local/munki/managedsoftwareupdate --installonly

Hello @tperfitt, @dlebbing,

I have seen that the bug was resolved but i still encounter that issue, the deployment finish but it seems that these two commands are not executed at the end of the deployment:
/usr/local/munki/managedsoftwareupdate --installonly

Any idea ?

You could install Outset and munkitools as .pkgs in your MDS workflow, make .pkgs of your scripts to copy into the “boot once” or “boot every” folders and those scripts will run on first boot. I just use Apple Remote Desktop to send those commands and do the config. Munkitools needs a reboot after install.

But does munkitools not need a reboot before you do the config? So yes you need to configure munki but managedsoftwareupdate will not run until reboot.

A post install/boot option for .pkgs and scripts would be a handy feature indeed.

Hello @CarlR,

Yes it need a reboot before we do the config, maybe that for why we have this issue.