Installation to Bootcamp

I plan to replace the original SSD of MacBook Air into the new large capacity of Transcend SSD. The Bootcamp image has been captured and stored in the external SD card, which is always equipped with the MacBook. The new SSD has been cloned by installing the most recent Mac OS and transferred all the data from the Time Machine. And the new SSD has been created new MS-DOS (FAT) partition, by use of Disk Utility. But I do not know how to copy the captured Bootcamp image (stored in the external SD card) into the created MS-DOS (FAT) partation by use of Wineclone 7. Please advice. Thanks.

Select Restore Image in the lower left hand corner, navigate to your captured Winclone image and restore to you create Bootcamp partition. Let me know if you have any questions.


Dear Manen,
Thank you very much for your kind response.
Currently the cloned new SSD is not yet transplanted into MacBook air. I would like to restore the captured Bootcamp image into MS-DOS (FAT) partition of this new SSD, while it is connected to the Thunderbolt terminal of the MacBook. I have tried to restore following your advice. But the disc that shows “Select Destination” is Bootcamp partition of the original MacBook disc only. And I cannot see and select the MS-DOS (FAT) petition of the new SSD, externally connected. Just for your information, I booted MacBook by external cloned SSD, for making this restoration work. Would it be difficult to restore the captured image to the SSD, which is connected by Thunderbolt terminal? First, do I have to transplant the SSD into MacBook? Thank you very much in advance for your kind attention and advice.

What version of Winclone? If it is Winclone 7, you should see any volumes that are a Windows supported format and have Windows on them.

Dear Tperfitt,
Thank you very much for kind advice. The version what I have is Winclone 7. As I have written, when I tried to restore the captured Winclone image into the new SSD which is currently connected externally, I cannot see any volumes that are Windows supported format and or have Windows which I created. What I can see is the BootCamp partition of the original SSD in the MacBook. Is it possible to restore the captured Winclone image into the SSD which is connected externally? First, do I have to transplant into the MacBook? I am sorry for asking the same question repeatedly. Thank you.


You should definitely see it as a destination. It has to be MS-DOS (FAT32) or NTFS or EXFAT for Winclone to show it as a destination.