Installed on two computers

Hello I have Winclone installed on my laptop and iMac. I tried to use Winclone on my iMac today and it said it was not activated. When it try to activate it I get a message that I have exceeded the number of installs. Also In the next few weeks I will be migrating to a new iMac How can I reset my number of installs?

You can deactivate in prefs. I have upped your count so it should work fine now.


I kind of have the issues, I have transferred to a new Mac and stupidly erased my old one not realising I couldn’t deactivate the license via the website or by simply activating on the new computer. Is there anyway to deactivate or reinstall in this scenario please? Likewise, I would also love the freedom to use on my iMac and MBP if at all possible but not essential.

Winclone Standard is licensed for 2 machines, so you are good to use it on both. To reset the license activation, send a request here: